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What is Repressed Anger?

Anger is a natural emotion and has to be processed in one way or the other. Normally, people’s habitual way of dealing with anger falls into one of two sets of patterns — externalising it, or internalising it.

When these patterns are held in a rigid…

When you are in the middle of immense suffering, please do not force yourself to make it positive, meaningful, transcendent.

Perhaps you have just lost what you have always lived for.

Perhaps even the fear of losing it paralyses you.

Maybe you have lost touch with the meaning of your…

It is not all on you.

When we have been traumatized or over-burdened as a child, we have a tendency to assume everything is ‘down to us’.

When things happen according to plan, we assume that

we have been successful because we have worked hard to make it happen.

we are safe because we have been…

— Why are you ‘Doing Everything’ in your relationship?

A healthy relationship involves give and take, and in an ideal situation, both parties can feel they are in an equal partnership. Unlike a parent-child or therapist-patient relationship, a healthy romantic adult-to-adult relationship has room for humour, playfulness and honesty. …

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